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SIDeA: Value Added Distributor for Libelium

It is official the agreement between Libelium and SIDeA, that makes SIDeA as the Value Added Distributor for Libelium products.

Libelium proposes a set of products that consititute a powerful, open source and modular platform for applications that nowadays come under the general name of Internet of Things. SIDeA will propose such products either as COTS or together with a desing and development of a complete turn-key, smart city oriented, project.

SIDeA's role as Value Added Distributor finds evidence in the fact that SIDeA, in addition to selling Libelium's components, provides a staff of high level technicians who will:

  • support the customer in the choice of the most suited components for the specific problem
  • develop custom applications to make more easy programming of the devices by the customer
  • develop turn-key solution

Our vision of "smart city"
Possible applications
Product catalogue
Smart environment demo:
real time data from SIDeA office