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In 25 years of activity, SIDeA has created tight relationships with worldwide Companies, each considered as a leader in its own field.
Such relationships have never been limited to a customer-provider role but to real partnerships based on the the capability that SIDeA has, through its internal design and develompent department, to propose itself fo the end-user as a real expert in the choice, use and integration of the variuos subsystems provided by the partner companies.


In late 2014, due to SIDeA's acitivities in the areas of "green energy", "smart cities" and more in general of environmental control and "internet of things", a partnership with Libelium has been established

Libelium proposes a set of products that consititute a powerful, open source and modular platform fot applications that nowadays come under the general name of Internet of Things. The partnership between SIDeA and Libelium follows the same streamline of the other partnerships: on the one hand SIDeA is the Italian Distributor (Value Added Distributor) for Libelium products, on the other it keeps its basic role of integrator and designer of Smart Cities systems.

National Instruments

Partnership with National Instruments dates back to 1990, the same year in which National Instruments set up its Italian branch. SIDeA is thus the oldest National Instruments partner in Italy. Since the beginning the two companies chose to be a reciprocal point of reference for industrial automation activities requiring a strong and detailed system design phase..

Partnership between National Instruments and SIDeA has grown thoughout the years up to bringing some SIDeA's engineers to acuire the status of National Intruments Certified Instructors and thus teaching within National Instruments premises in Milano to other customers all the different levels of LabView courses.

Another sing of how the tightness of this partnershp hase been given by National Instruments when in year 2000, after the premature and unexpected disappearance of a young SIDeA's designer, has established in his name an international yearly award for the best projects.

Ballard Technology

The partnership with Ballard Technology (now belonging to Astronics Corporation) started in 2007, because of the high competence and experieece of SIDeA in aerospace automation systems.

Ballard Technolgy is a world leader company in the development and manufacture of electronic hardware and software for aerospace, industrial, and commercial applications. Ballard's product line includes a wide selection of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) avionics databus interfaces and embedded computers. These COTS products are cost effective and readily available solutions for even the most demanding requirements. Databus interfaces enable electronic equipment to communicate over avionics databus networks in embedded applications, or for the purpose of testing, simulation, or analysis. Ballard's embedded computers are self-contained solutions that provide a wide range of standard and specialized interfaces. Embedded products are used in the operational systems of aircraft and other vehicles. SIDeA provides to the end-user eeither the single product or, if required, the complete turn-key system.