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Production line automation
By now production line automation and production process control are key-factors for the development and realization of solutions able to satisfy the quality, cost and timing needs of modern industry. Indeed a more effective management of production lines allows optimization of all available resources, improves product quality and cuts down production timing and costs.

In Production line automation field SIDeA applications in industrial and building automation cover a wide range of expertise in different areas.. This allows us to help customers in each phase of production line automation – form controller programming, to sensor configuration, to process parameters monitoring and filing, to development of centralised supervision software environments with integrated quality control functionalities, up to programming of the most advanced vision control and motion control tools.

In Production line automation area SIDeA has applied vision to all settings where it can substitute or help men in their tasks, such as:
  • On line quality control,
  • Robotics for automatic withdrawal and storage of particulars in process,
  • Process control in manufacturing and assembly of mechanical particulars,
  • Control of object orientation in production lines,
  • Sorting of particulars in production lines according to either color or shape.
Examples of topics developed by SIDeA in its business are interfacing to an increasing number of devices, use of advanced control techniques, data recording and analysis with statistical methods, cell and plant supervision, distributed system planning and connection to computer systems. The control systems we’ve developed could integrate –at different complexity levels – devices such as PLC, data acquisition boards, industrial regulators, various tools and analyzers.

Our hardware and software solutions for production line automation can be executed in all platforms of the main suppliers of production line automation components: this makes normal operations easier, improves productivity and flexibility, in addition to reducing maintenance costs. SIDeA’s organization helps customers since the plant preliminary project up to installation of productive line automation and training of operating staff on production site; assitence is guaranteed over the whole product life cycle.