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Industrial Automation & PLC
Applications within Industrial Automation cover a wide spectrum of requirements in terms of expertise in different sectors. Similarly wide must be the spectrum of industrial automation application solutions that can be proposed.

Nowadays, the timing of integration and implementation of new industrial automation equipments is often long-lasting; on the contrary either existing production lines or modified ones must reach target production levels as soon as possible, in order to quickly enter the optimization phase. A well integrated PLC industrial automation allows being the first to market a product, which positively affects market share and profits as well as return of investments.

As automation and control of manufacturing processes are key factors for designing and developing solutions to satisfy modern industry requirements, more effective management of manufacturing line equipment can improve product quality, cut time and costs down and allow optimising all available resources.

Sidea’s philosophy is sustaining customers since the very beginning and offer customised solutions , convenient for either single components or company-wide industrial automation. The approach is “project-based” and allows to follow the industrial automation commission from project to installation by means of control systems that minimize the need of human participation.

SIDeA expertise is wide, gained over the years carrying out projects in a lot of different areas, and this enables us to support our customers in every phase of industrial automation: controller programming, sensor configuration, process parameters monitoring and filing, development of centralized supervision software environment with integrated quality control functionalities up to programming of most advanced tools of vision and motion control.