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Biomedical research is more and more the goal of a joint activity between research and clinical field, a liason promoted by the biomedical industry.

On the occasion of several collaborations with organizations operating in the biomedical field, we’ve developed products that might make people appreciate new opportunities provided by modern data acquisition and analysis systems. In this context, a joint working team, formed by a physician, an engineer-biologist and a programmer, could face some instrumental research topics that were still open or which solutions could be usually found in a complex and costly apparatus; this way the working team could set up simple use systems that were both highly capable and low cost.

As far as design and manufacturing of devices and systems dedicated to biomedial applications are concerned, SIDeA may take care of control and management hardware components as well as of software supply complementing the application.

It’s peculiarly relevant in the pharmaceutical field the skill to provide systems that turn out to be compatible with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. These regulations are well known in biomedical and pharmaceutical field for the completion of some production processes (authenticated access), but are operating also when any single process involving manpower must be authorized. This allows keeping an historical track, recording who made what, when exactly and on which equipment. In this context, using LabVIEW provides all the tools needed for complying these regulations.

Among products we developed we mention:
  • Electrophysiological characterization systems
  • Monitoring and analysis systems for diagnosing heart disease
  • Acquisition and analysis systems for sympathetic and vagal balance determination
  • Systems for analysing arterial and venous pressure of fundus oculi (that is eyeground)
  • Systems for supervising drug production
  • Control systems for producing drug prototypes