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Energy Production Control
SIDeA business in Energy production Control area is focused on research and development of innovative systems for controlling energy production from several sources, with the goal to ensure the highest plant efficiency while continuously monitoring sensitive parameters.

We develop devices for data-logging and production control, resting upon expertise accrued in electronic, electrotechnic and computer area.

Our systems build their robustness upon use of products coming from main national and international producers, enjoying a control infrastructure arising from experience of real-time monitoring of industrial plans.

Among applications we’ve developed we may cite:
  • Control systems of special burners
  • Control systems of boilers
  • Control, management and supervision systems for plants handling (SUW) Solid Urban Waste and the like
  • Remote control of heat generating stations
  • Supervision and control system for energy co-generation groups
  • Supervision and control of steam turbine and boilers
We’ve recently paid special attention to development of data-loggers and remote control systems for monitoring and controlling energy production from renewable sources.

In financial-economic context, a renewal energy plant is an investment that in less than 20 years of guaranteed life must repay financial, production, installation and management costs as well as ensure a return above other alternative investments.

Taking into account these needs we’ve developed a supervision and control architecture with industrial features, in order to guarantee the installed plant to be reliable, efficient and productive throughout its working life

Our systems allow to:
  • handle at the same time inverters of different manufactures
  • run UTF counters integrating third party network analysers or gathering data from Enel or digitally interfaced counters
  • confirm that adopted system would produce as much as was expected
  • prevent, detect and – where necessary – intervene in as short a time as possible, in case of malfunctioning
  • measure main electrical parameters and energy produced or burned in order to get an efficient manufacturing control system
  • send data via sms, with alarm activation in case of zero instant power , with adjustable time interval
  • ensure effective extraordinary maintenance in case of need, already having available many bits of information on the actual failure.