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Image Acquisition and analysis
In the field of Image Acquisition and Analysis, image acquisition process entails sensor obtained image revelation and digital image recording on a support accessible from a calculation device; basically it’s an analogic-digital conversion process.

Image revelation calls for using conventional, progressive, digital or infrared video camers. The use of video-cameras – together with appropriate lighting systems – allows the development of new families of measurement and calculation systems, with a very favourable outlook in tackling topics never dealt with.

Image analysis envisages image processing operations, able to carry out several types of measurement, equipped with a program of result statistical analysis.

In this context, SIDeA may act as a global supplier of all sub-systems needed to application development, implementing a proper analysis of image nature as well as a reliable measurement of objects observed in images acquired by research tools.

Among documented experiences we may cite:
  • presence controls for components and/or defects;
  • thermal distribution measurement and control;
  • moving parts analysis at very high speed;
  • measurement and control of LED light sources or LCD screens;
  • development of systems for non-destructive analyses