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Test & Measurement
Applications developed in Measurements and Testing area cover a wide range of sectors and use different technologies. The common element is carrying flexible and economic systems out with a high level of expandability, thus allowing an easy maintenance and a quick progression against evolving final user requirements.

Sidea performance in Measurement and Testing field is apparent with multiple solutions, ranging from supplying a mere measurement tool, to complex test benches custom-tailored for elaborate but varied needs, up to moving and sorting systems or global process supervision.

The fulfilment key in every application is fully exploiting availability of general-purpose or specialized data acquisition boards, integrating them in systems where software is the most powerful and flexible tool, able to execute a high number of functions.

In Test & Measurement field it’s especially relevant the skill to design and manufacture test benches for both line and end-production tests, while ensuring all aspects related to such an activity: from supply and wiring of all parts, up to study and realization of software environment in order to perform measurements.

Sidea provides a full service, starting from design phase or mechanical, electrical and electronical engineering, up to installation and implementation of a “turn-key” plant; over time technical assistance and periodical adjustement services are possible.