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Since 1990 we have provided innovative system design services for industry and research, qualifying us as an advanced consultancy and distribution company for innovative products

We thus provide our customers with custom hardware and software solutions, aimed at guaranteeing the correct execution of key processes in multiple applications, ranging from IT systems to measurement, testing and industrial automation systems, up to the most recent IoT sectors and Smart Cities. We combine the great seriousness and experience of a company operating in these sectors for over 30 years, with the availability and passion of a partner always ready to innovate.

Consulting - Design - Development

Our team of engineers works alongside the customer starting from the analysis of understanding the problem up to the design and development of suitable solutions. Thanks to thirty years of experience we are able to provide business consultancy on technologically complex aspects in very different fields. We act as a GLOBAL supplier of customized solutions based on the needs of each individual application.


Our professional team uses the most modern techniques and latest generation software and hardware tools

Regardless the size of our customers - be they small / medium enterprises, universities or national or international research centers - our business phases are regulated by consolidated business processes and ensure the reliability of the final product and compliance with the required quality standards

Development phases

In-depth analysis of the real problem

Design of the best solution

Implementation of the system

Thanks to this organization we are able to take care of all the phases of the production process, starting from the specifications defining the requirements up to the turnkey realization of the solution.

Application areas

Main areas of activity

Test and measurement

The automatic measurement and test applications represent a concrete example of what can be achieved with integrated hardware and software systems, starting from the availability of advanced data acquisition boards and highly flexible software systems. The solutions thus obtained are characterized by a high level of expandability and responsiveness to the actual needs of the application. In this context, our systems are intended for both in-line tests and end-of-production tests and we guarantee a complete service: design, construction, installation, technical assistance and periodic calibration

Industrial automation and supervision systems

The industrial and SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) control systems are aimed at controlling processes at the plant level. The central elements (data acquisition systems, automation systems, operator-HMI interface systems) characterize a broad set of very different controls, referring to both centralized and distributed architectures (indicated in this case as DCS systems). In this case, SCADA systems can range from medium-sized plants to situations involving entire regions or nations. The collected data are sent to central systems on a scheduled or variation basis. These data are historicized on databases to allow their analysis through trend graphs over time or alarm management. MES (Manufacturing Execution System) systems are located in the same area and have the main function of managing and controlling the production function of a plant

SmartCity & Internet of Things

Thanks to sensors and actuators, objects become "smart" or "intelligent" as they are interconnected through the network to transmit information and data on remote monitoring and control. The goal of the "Internet of Things" is, therefore, to connect the real world to the digital one to control, improve and intervene faster on countless processes, and to obtain, for example, benefits on safety, efficiency, energy saving and, more generally, on the quality of life. As part of this process our company designs, develops, distributes and provides solutions for the Internet of Things complete with services, software and hardware, addressing major system integrators, large and small companies, research centers, University and Public Administration in general

LabVIEW – National Instruments

LabVIEW is the system-design software specifically designed for development of test, measurement and control applications with quick access to hardware and results. In this area, we have been operating since the beginning of our activities by providing training services, consultancy on specific issues, revision of available code, development of turnkey solutions

Accelerators and scientific systems

Accelerators are machines that produce ion or particle beams with high energy and are used not only for research purposes in experimental physics (the so-called Big Physics), but also in industrial or medical environments. The present and future of experimental physics and particle accelerators require close collaboration between researchers and specialized companies. We have extensive experience in accelerator control systems, timing and synchronization subsystems, beam diagnostics, power supplies and radio frequency subsystems. Among our most important experiences in the field of particle accelerators is the development of the entire synchrotron control system of the CNAO (National Center of Oncological Hadrontherapy), which started in 2011 in Pavia to treat cancer patients with subatomic particles called hadrons.

Industry 4.0

The term Industry 4.0 indicates a line of industrial automation that integrates new production technologies to improve working conditions, create new business models and increase both productivity and production quality of the plants. Our experience in the design and development of connected devices and sophisticated data analysis algorithms allows us to support our customers in building a gradual transition process to this new integrated industrial approach.

Security solutions

We develop different solutions allowing intelligent detection of possible threats, rapid emergency responses and effective investigations. The acquisition of large-scale panoramic views to provide efficient detection tools, with the ability to zoom in on defined parts, facial recognition, detection of temperature anomalies of some target areas are the basic elements of our proposal in the image acquisition area. The management of advanced processes ranging from the recognition of car plate number to the management of multi-monitor displays for control rooms complete our proposal in the area

Our partners



In the course of our business we started various collaboration agreements with companies of international visibility, each leader in its own area of application, based on our ability to offer ourselves to the customer as experts in the choice, use and integration of the various subsystems of the partner companies.

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