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Particle accelerators are sophisticated machines designed to generate high-energy particle beams. While initially developed for experimental physics research, these accelerators now play a vital role in industries and medical fields.

The present and future of experimental physics and particle accelerators necessitate close collaboration between researchers and specialized companies. This aligns with one of our areas of extensive expertise.

We possess a wide-ranging competence in accelerator control systems, timing and synchronization subsystems, beam diagnostics, power supplies, and radiofrequency subsystems.

Key applications of particle accelerators include:

  • Microelectronics advancement

  • Precision electron beam cutting and welding

  • Radiation hardening for durability

  • Cutting-edge medical diagnostics

  • Cutting-edge oncological therapy

  • Environmental air pollution monitoring

  • Stringent sterilization of consumables and medical equipment

  • Non-intrusive scanning of substantial cargo

To ensure the utmost efficiency and effectiveness in harnessing the technological benefits of accelerators, the development of increasingly sophisticated tools for precise beam measurement and quality diagnostics is essential.

One of SIDeA’s most remarkable achievements lies in the comprehensive control system development for the CNAO  Synchrotron. The project started in 2005 and the system was active pioneering oncological treatment using subatomic hadrons in Pavia back in 2011.