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SIDeA specializes in the design and development of test and validation systems, beginning with needs analysis and providing comprehensive, tailor-made solutions.

The applications developed both in Italy and abroad over more than thirty years of experience span a wide range of industries. SIDeA creates flexible and cost-effective modular test and validation systems with high expandability, enabling easy maintenance and swift upgrades.

Measurement and automatic testing applications serve as a tangible example of what can be achieved with integrated hardware and software systems, leveraging advanced data acquisition cards and highly flexible software systems.

Within this scope, SIDeA systems are engineered for both inline testing and end-of-production validation, offering a full-service approach. This includes installation, software environment design for measurement execution, deployment, technical support, and regular calibration.

Among the services SIDeA provides within the domain of test and validation systems:

  • Test application development

  • Design and development of in-line test systems

  • Design and development of automated test stations

  • Hardware-in-the-Loop system development

  • Custom test software development

  • Test bench development

  • On-site assistance

  • National Instruments hardware integration