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As part of the partnership agreements that have been operating for several years with Libelium, one of the major global players in the field of IoT technologies, SIDeA has obtained the ability to directly offer Libelium specialized training, in Italian or english language, both at the Milan office, remotely or on site by customers.

SIDeA is the first Libelium Authorized Technical Trainer (A.T.T.) in Italy and thanks to an office in a strategic location such as Milan, it offers course participants various advantages:

  • Easier and cheaper travel costs

  • Courses in Italian (English upon request)

  • Ease of post-course contact

The rapid evolution of innovative solutions in the realm of Internet of Things (IoT) across diverse industries necessitates specialized training in IoT Systems Programming.

SIDeA courses offer a comprehensive introduction to fundamental IoT principles and IoT practical implementation in the design and development of interconnected devices. These courses empower participants with hands-on expertise in programming and executing IoT solutions. This includes proficiency in sensor interfaces, network communication, and data management. You’ll also learn how to effectively wield key IoT development tools to construct secure and scalable applications.

Our IoT Systems Programming courses feature a range of topics, thoughtfully adaptable to the unique requirements of professionals and businesses:

  • Exploring the Foundations of IoT

  • Delving into Embedded Systems

  • Mastering Sensor Interfaces

  • Harnessing Network Communication

  • Exploring IoT Development Platforms and Frameworks

  • Navigating IoT Data Management

  • Understanding IoT Security Protocols

  • Real-world IoT Applications through Case Studies and Hands-on Projects