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SIDeA designs, develops, and provides customized hardware and software components and solutions. These are aimed at ensuring precise execution of critical processes in diverse applications across both industry and research, especially in the areas of measurements, testing, and automation.

SIDeA supports businesses, universities, and research centers throughout the analysis, design, and implementation phases of complete systems and subsystems. This support covers starting from customer-defined specifications or constructing equipment solely based on experimental requirements.

SIDeA’s engineers work closely with customers, beginning with problem analysis and understanding, followed by assessing feasibility. The production process then advances to hardware and software system design and concludes with solution development and delivery. After implementation, SIDeA offers additional services like training, technical support, tutoring, assistance, and maintenance to optimize system performance and client utilization.

SIDeA’s technical organization comprises a flexible team capable of managing workloads based on each collaborator’s expertise. This ensures efficient document flow and adherence to established delivery timelines.

Main applications

Test and
Validation Systems
Measurement Systems
Industrial Automation
and Supervisory Control
Smart City
and IoT