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Attention to the scientific realm, comprehending its needs, and seizing the opportunities it presents, constitutes an ongoing cornerstone of SIDeA’s trajectory of growth.

Founded within the landscape of Italian academia and research institutions, SIDeA has assimilated their problem-solving methodologies, the ardor for devising innovative resolutions to ever intricate demands, and has harnessed its technological and organizational prowess for their benefit.

Numerous areas have witnessed collaborative ventures between SIDeA and both national and international universities and research centers. The predisposition for new endeavors and embracing novel challenges paves the path toward further pursuits.

From developing proprietary data acquisition systems, aligned with market standards such as EPICS, to creating cutting-edge electronic boards founded on FPGAs or advanced ADCs, and spanning to IoT hardware and software solutions, optical interfaces for timing systems, and satellite synchronization solutions, our repertoire boasts an array of developments.

Spanning across analog and digital electronics, the crafting of RF systems, image acquisition and analysis, thermography, ultrasound, and the realm of ionizing radiation applications, our involvement and ongoing commitment encompass an inexhaustible array of sectors.