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SIDeA is an engineering company with a strong orientation towards scientific research and development of innovative technological solutions. Thanks to a technical team that sees engineers, computer scientists and physicists working together, SIDeA has been working alongside universities and national and international scientific institutions for over thirty years, with which it has collaborated by contributing to dozens of research projects in the field of particle accelerators, biomedical and telescopes.

SIDeA’s commitment in the scientific field is aimed above all at the study, design and development of software and the development of hardware for Research, with particular reference to:

  • Control systems for experiments

  • Distributed data acquisition systems

  • Radio-protection safety systems

  • Development of specialist hardware solutions

  • Revealing characterization systems

  • Tutoring and on-site training

The transversal skills of its technicians together with the continuous dialogue with researchers and scientists has allowed SIDeA to establish itself over the years as a reference partner of universities and research centers for highly complex projects.

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