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Modern biomedical applications have greatly benefited from advanced data acquisition and analysis systems. Collaborating with prominent institutions and companies both domestically and internationally, SIDeA has engaged interdisciplinary teams consisting of medical experts, engineers, and software designers. Together, SIDeA has developed systems boasting significant potential and user-friendly interfaces, tailored to tackle specific developmental projects.

Among SIDeA’s accomplishments in the biomedical field, we’ve achieved:

  • Capturing and analyzing numerous electrical signals for evoked potentials study

  • Gathering and analyzing optical images to track pupil movement

  • Analyzing features and movements triggered by optical stimuli

  • Acquiring and studying cardiac signals via electrodes

  • Analyzing radiopharmaceutical data

  • Capturing and analyzing data from assisted breathing systems

  • Extracting data from intensive care instrumentation

  • Beam diagnostics for hadrontherapy

These endeavors underline our commitment to advancing biomedical research and applications through innovative technologies and collaborations across disciplines.